It’s Time to Dream Again, Like You Did When You Were a Kid

Remember the days, way back when you were a child where you would look up to the sky and think about your future dreams and desires. But, what if one day, as you get closer to the realization of your desires in life, you almost forgot what you really want because of being busy and losing inspiration. Is this the end of, as some would say, “The American Dream?

As a child, you play and dream about everything that attracts your interest, traveling the world, becoming a pilot, or even having the perfect house with the “white picket fence”.  From the time you started to dream, you were giving your life reasons to live.   As you begin your adulthood, you devote your time and energy towards achieving your dream.  However, as we get even older, we tend to get caught up in the hustle of life and forget even how to really dream.  We end up settling into the daily grind of just getting by and instead of living our dream, we are planning what’s ahead for the next day, nothing more.

I think it’s time to get back to dreaming, to revitalize the enthusiasm of life and starting living with passion and optimism again.  Do you dare:

  • Live A Life Worth Living

Your vision serves to be your foundation in overcoming your most challenging days. Even if you are struggling or facing a difficult problem, your dreams will push you to keep going. You get valuable reasons why to keep on waking up in the morning and trying again. Without dreams, you may feel empty, meaningless, or have no ambition to do anything.

  • Be an Inspiration

Your busy life should not be the reason of why you stopped dreaming.  Why not continue? What do you have to lose?  Being optimistic about your dreams will inspire others.   People learn by example, especially kids.  Be an inspiration to others and even your kids.  Dreaming can be contagious…in a good way.

  • Meet a New Circle of Dream Seekers

If you show how enthusiastic and motivated you are in pursuing your dreams, you might attract others whom you can share similar interests, values and passion. One of the most effective ways for you to excel is to surround yourself with motivated and high achievers. Although you may face tough times, you still have friends to inspire you to keep going.

  • It’s “Your” Dream

Everyone has their own goals and dreams in life to achieve, so you cannot expect them to take the responsibility in pursuing your dreams. Keep in mind, no one else can pursue what your dreams hold. This is not something someone else can’t do for you.  These are yours, so OWN them!

  • Complete Happiness

A life lived without a vision, is a life full of sadness, discontentment, frustrations and other negative thoughts or emotions. You must find your real dreams, swear that one day you will achieve them, and never imagine yourself at the end of your dream. The time you start to reach for your dreams, you will simply experience a distinct change in your life.

  • Life is Short

Why not spend your life doing things you love? You should not waste your time on things less important, why not dream again of the things you love when you were a kid. This way, you are making your life meaningful.

  • Start Dreaming Again

Now, as you are dedicated to pursuing what you have started, you might find some difficult areas in coming back. Here, you will be able to learn how you can effectively rekindle your vision.

  • Re-identify your Passion

As you lost your enthusiasm or forget how to dream, you might also forget your real passion. So, you must identify your passion once again. Learn the things that satisfy your heart and mind. You need to visualize your dreams within your imagination. Dream as if you were a kid and you will see all your desires.

  • Determine What Makes You Happy

Things that give you happiness are essential to dreams. One of the ultimate reasons why you should dream is for happiness and well-being.  Doesn’t it feel good to be happy and enjoy life?  To feel you have a purpose?  Visualizing your ultimate lifestyle, your dream job, or going somewhere you always wanted to go, as it will make you feel alive again.  That butterfly feeling in your stomach, or goosebumps you feel when see something amazing is the ticket.  Feel that when you dream.  It’s an amazing feeling so get addicted to it and enjoy the benefits along the way.

  • Know Your Purpose

When you know your purpose, it will be easier for you to begin achieving your dreams. This will serve as a guiding path to limit your distractions.

One of the most amazing things you can ever do is to visualize your goals. Dream like you were a kid again, full of excitement and life. Your loss of inspiration today will not finalize the end of “The American Dream”. You can simply create a new set of inspirations.  What are you waiting for?  I dare you to dream.


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