Your Thoughts Dictate Who You Are

“We are what we eat”, “we are what we read”, “we are what we speak”, etc. There are actually a lot of maxims that we can associate to ourselves. Eventually, these mantras will continue to add up as time goes by. But amid the theories, beliefs, and philosophies that you encounter every day, do you agree that your thoughts dictate who you are?

Well, on the matter of mind-and-body connection, it is actually true. Our minds can make us sick. Many people who have experienced pain and sufferings in life would normally say that being hurt physically is much better than the torture that the mind and emotions bring. This is also the reason why a lot of them seem to have forgotten how to be happy.

Have you ever noticed how people with good mental and emotional health think and behave? For people like them who are not stressed and intoxicated by the negative side of life, it is easy to walk towards the bright side. Perhaps they have learned and get used to healthy ways of coping with problems and stress. They feel more confident and good about themselves as well as maintain healthy relationships with the people around them.

If you are currently suffering from depression and anxiety due to negative relationships, stressful work, too much responsibility, debt, hatred or bitterness, everything you do and everyone around you can be affected. An unhappy person radiates unhappiness and when you let this mindset consume you, you may forget how to be happy, too.

What Are The Things That Can Disrupt Your Emotional And Mental Health?

Since our nervous system is the center of our body, what we think about—our thoughts—greatly affect who we are on the outside. It is true that if we think of happy thoughts, we would be happy because if we free our minds of negative thoughts and tell our body to stay happy, we would.

However, most of the time, our minds are stronger than our physical body. When we start having strong feelings of stress, anxiety or sadness, our mental health is disrupted. Here are the common problems that may cause emotional and mental disruption:

  • Being fired from your work
  • Your children being sick
  • Death of a loved one
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Suffering from an injury or illness
  • Money problems or debt

These are only some of the many reasons why people become happy or sad. Your physical and emotional reactions to these things and others will always depend on how you think about them. Right then, you will realize why it is true that your thoughts are dictating who you are.

How Can Your Emotions Affect Your Health?

Your body reacts to how you think, act, and feel. This is known to be the mind-and-body connection. When you are anxious, upset or stressed, your body responses in a manner that tells you something is not right. A manifestation of this is when a person develops hypertension or ulcer after a stressful event.

How to be Happy

There are actually ways on how to be happy that can positively improve your overall health. First, you can try recognizing your emotions to understand why you have them. Sort out the causes of your stress, sadness, and anxiety. Here are helpful tips on how to be happy:

  • Express your feelings in appropriate ways

If the feelings of sadness, anxiety or stress are causing physical problems on you, it would be worse if you keep hiding them inside. Express your feelings. Let the people around you especially your loved ones know if something bothers you. You can also consult a family doctor, religious advisor or a counselor to help you.

  • Live a balanced life

Another key on how to be happy is to live a balanced life. Focus only on all the things that you are and have always been thankful for. Do not obsess about problems in school, at work, and home that causes you to think and feel negative. Make time to do the things you love.

  • Develop resilience

Resilient people can cope with problems and stress healthily. You can learn resilience and strengthen it using different strategies such as social support, being happy, accepting change, keeping a perspective.

  • Calm your mind and body

You can try relaxation methods like listening to music, meditation, yoga, mp3s or Tai Chi to balance your emotions. Exercise and meditate on a daily basis and keep yourself entertained.

  • Take care of yourself

Of course, ultimately, take good care of your mental and emotional health. The foods we eat have an impact on our emotions. Start eating healthier, exercise, and change your thoughts. We all want to live long and happy lives. This all starts with taking care of our body and our mind.

There are a lot of predictable and unpredictable things that can happen in a person’s life. These experiences may bring bliss or leave a sad mark. All of which can affect your mental and emotional health that could lead to physical illness. Nevertheless, be happy today and everyday. Happiness is just a state of mind. “The happiness of your life depends on upon the quality of your thoughts”, Marcus Aurelius.



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